A Note from Roberto Melaragno, President of Driver In Italy

I am proud to announce that Driver In Italy is now officially a full service TOUR OPERATOR - as opposed to operating undercover, which was the case for a long time. Yes, some of you saw through us all along – you knew we did much more than drive you from A to B and then on to C, D and F. You knew that all you had to do was ask and we could book your rental in Rome, your villa in Venezia and your palazzo in Perugia. A limo or minivan may be all you usually need, but sometimes a Lamborghini, a helicopter, a ferry or a reliable horse fit the bill – you knew we could make it happen. If you open the discussion by asking us the best places to eat or the best wineries to visit, we might raise you one: how about being a chef (cooking classes) or an assistant winemaker (starting with grape stomping) for a day? Authentic experiences are what set us apart.

After all, if we could move heaven and earth to get you into the Vatican without a hassle, how hard could it be to book your loggia at la Scala or your table at that hot restaurant (but possibly not your opera and dinner with the Pope.)

Now that we’re official and on the record, tutto è possibile! Give us your wish list – the worst we can say is no, and then we might still find a way to please you, an alternative that may work as well or even better.

Our cruising clients who loved the way we handled shore excursions here in Italy often asked us to meet them in foreign ports – now we’re official! Think of Driver In Italy for your shore excursions throughout the Mediterranean, from Portugal and Morocco to Istanbul. Expect the same high standards, the same local knowledge, the same efficiency and the same friendliness. We’ll have to rename ourselves Driver In Italy & (insert country here).

The truth is, we were always driven to be more than drivers. Now we invite you to try out Driver In Italy (version 2.0) and see how we bring value and ease to your total vacation, from the planning stages through to ciao, amici - in Italy and beyond to the Mediterranean.

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Mobile and Whatsapp +39 320 381 8729 
Toll free from USA & Canada: 1 877 482 5986;
Email: info@driverinitaly.com


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