Angels in Rome

€ 500.00

This tour titled, "Angels in Rome" is inspired by Dan Brown's most famous and bestselling novel, 'Angels & Demons.' This tour is a finest blend of art, history, and political intrigues, highlighting and unfolding the tapestry of Rome through the eyes of artists, priests, scientists and most prominent social actors.

Escorted by an offical Rome Licensed Guide you will learn about the baroque intrigues between the papacy and the secret society of the "Illuminati" (a secret society, founded in 1776) in the city where it all started. The tour is a fascinating blend of art, history, and political intrigue, that bring the past to life as we unfold the tapestry of Rome through the eyes of its artists, clerics, scientists and nobles.
A driver and private vehicle will be also at disposal for all the duration of the tour to help you and your guide to quickly move from a side to another of the city and "following the paths of Illumination" in this very original way of exploring Rome!

Baroque intrigues, Secret society of the Illuminati,  Art, history, and political intrigue of the past and modern Rome!

English-speaking Private Licensed Guide (4 hours)
Private Driver and Vehicle at disposal (4 hours)

Admissions not mentioned in the Itinerary

4 hours