Contact Us in Rome

Our friendly english-speaking staff is always here to respond to your queries and facilitate you in your tour planning. We are available 24/7, and even after the close of the business day, we are readily available to respond to your phone calls. After the close of the business day, all calls our forwarded to our mobile which is never turned off. You can reach us at  +39 06 9293 5642

However, incase of poor connectivity and/or out of range connection, you will receive a recorded message which reads as, “The number you have dialed is not available at the moment, please try later.” All recorded message will come in Italian first and then in English, so please do not hang up right away when you hear something you don’t understand, please wait for the English version of the message.

To call from your hotel room you will first require to dial a number to get the line, most hotels use “9” but it’s not universal. Check it out! The signal sounds from Italian phones: When you have the line you hear of a short “toot” sound followed by a longer “toot” sound in a sequence. When the phone you dialled rings, you hear a long “toot” sound for each ring. The “busy” signal is a sequence of a short “toot” sounds.