Avignon Chteauneuf Du Pape And Pont Du Gard

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Avignon, it is now very cool and quite. Yes I said now because if you think about when it was the Pope's residence was,like most of the medieval castles and cities, besieged. That's the way of the world, yesterday, today and, unfortunately tomorrow.

You start your private tour from the pier in Marseille and drive to Avignon (about 1.5 hours). In 1309 Pope Clement V decided that Rome was no longer suitable for the Papal Seat, and moved the Papacy to Avignon. Though he died in 1314, another six French Popes resided here, and Avignon became a cultural center with a flourishing university and home to a beautiful medieval palace built by the Popes. From 1378 until the early 1400?s two Popes simultaneously vied for power, one in Avignon and the other in Rome, until finally the Papal Seat was returned to Rome. Today the Palais des Papes or Papal Palace is a highlight of any visit to Avignon. Quite different than the Vatican, this palace was fortified to withstand attacks from enemies. After a visit to the palace, you can see the Pont St-Binezet. This medieval bridge was once nearly. Your next stop is Chauteauneuf du Pape, which means 'the Pope's new chateau.' It was here that the Popes of Avignon built a summer palace near the Rh�ne River. Only two of the chateau walls remain, but the medieval village perched in their shadow is known for some of the best wines in the world. The village streets are narrow, curving around the hillside and there are wine shops everywhere. You will enjoy a wine tasting arranged by us. Next on your agenda is Pont du Gard, or bridge of the Gard, considered one of the best preserved Roman sites in all of Europe. Today you can cross the bridge on its lower level and climb into the surrounding hills for wonderful views. The stones are perfectly carved and placed so that no mortar was needed. The Grand Expo near the parking facilities includes an interactive museum about Roman life and the use of water, a 25 minute film and a cafeteria for your enjoyment.

Papal Palace
Rhine River
Pont du Gard

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